در اینجا می توانید سوالاتی مربوط به تلفظ زبان انگلیسی را پاسخ دهید.

What is an accent 
A. A carryover of speech sounds from your native language to your second language.
B. A speech or language disorder.
C. A personality trait/characteristic

 Where should the tongue be when making the American /th/ sound
A. behind the teeth
B. between the upper teeth and the bottom lip
C. between the teeth
D. Lying at the bottom of the mouth

/What part of the mouth should the tongue tip touch when producing the American /r
A. The tongue tip should tap the back of the teeth.
B. The tongue tip should not touch any part of the mouth
C. The tongue tip should touch the middle of the roof of the mouth
D. The tongue tip should be between the teeth.

What is intonation
A. The pattern of pitch and stress in a verbal sentence.
B. The volume you speak at, as in: loud, quiet or normal.
C. How well you can hear tones.
D. What tone you use when speaking to others.

 How important is listening to learning a new accent
A. Somewhat important
B. Not very important
C. Very important
D. Doesn’t have anything to do with learning an accent.

 In these words how do you make the final sound: eyes, his, lies, begs
A. With an s like it is spelt!
B. The final sound is a z.
C. You leave off the final sound.

 Say the following sentence with the word in bold emphasized, and then choose the implied meaning from the intonation.
Ginny didn’t tell Chas about the car accident.
A. Ginny was not the one that told, but maybe someone else told Chas.
B. Ginny lied about the car accident.
C. That there was no car accident.
D. Ginny told some one else (not Chas) about the accident.

 What is linking   A. Two words produced together to sound like one.
B. Two different thoughts linked together.
C. Two consonants are together.
D. The way words are put together in a sentence.

What is word stress
A. The stress we feel when trying to think of a word.
B. The syllable stressed in multi-syllabic words.
C. The stressing of certain words in a sentence.
D. The change of pitch in a sentence.

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